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Rope - CHP Truck

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Black polypropylene rope with orange tracers. Balanced 3-stage construction, medium lay, good abrasion and UV resistance. Truck rope conforms to California Highway Patrol requirements.
Item ID Details Price Cart
TRA38050TRK 3/8" x 50' coilette $3.34 Add

TRA38100TRK 3/8" x 100' coilette $6.46 Add

TRA38600TRK 3/8" x 600' spool $35.52 Add

TRA716600TRK 7/16" x 600' spool $50.41 Add

TRA12050TRK 1/2" x 50' coilette $6.61 Add

TRA12100TRK 1/2" x 100' coilette $11.06 Add

TRA12600TRK 1/2" x 600' spool $67.66 Add

TRA58600TRK 5/8" x 600' spool $108.55 Add

TRA34600TRK 3/4" x 600' spool $140.28 Add

TRA10600TRK 1" x 600' spool $258.21 Add