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12 blades per pack.
All blades are 1/32" thick and cut approximately .045 kerf.

157-600 & 157-800 are tungsten carbide abrasive blades and 1 per pack. They are used for cutting non-metallic composite materials.
Item ID Diam-Teeth-Bore Price Cart
KET157-12 1-1/4"-22T-1/4" $65.25 Add

KET157-14 1-1/4"-44T-1/4" $65.88 Add

KET157-16 1-1/4"-60T-1/4" $66.52 Add

KET157-22 1-1/2"-22T-1/4" $68.44 Add

KET157-23 1-1/2"-30T-1/4" $68.44 Add

KET157-24 1-1/2"-44T-1/4" $69.08 Add

KET157-24Z 1-1/2"-44T-1/4" Plastics $94.03 Add

KET157-26 1-1/2"-60T-1/4" $69.72 Add

KET157-33 1-3/4"-30T-7/16" $77.40 Add

KET157-34 1-3/4"-44T-7/16" $78.04 Add

KET157-36 1-3/4"-60T-7/16" $78.68 Add

KET157-42 2"-22T-1/4" $72.28 Add

KET157-44 2"-44T-1/4" $72.92 Add

KET157-46 2"-60T-1/4" $74.20 Add

KET157-52 2"-22T-7/16" $85.07 Add

KET157-53 2"-30T-7/16" $85.07 Add

KET157-54 2"-44T-7/16" $85.71 Add

KET157-56 2"-60T-7/16" $86.99 Add

KET157-56Z 2"-60T-7/16" Plastics $111.94 Add

KET157-58 2"-80T-7/16" $87.63 Add

KET157-64 2-1/2"-44T-7/16" $98.51 Add

KET157-66 2-1/2"-60T-7/16" $99.15 Add

KET157-68 2-1/2"-80T-7/16" $99.79 Add

KET157-68Z 2-1/2"-80T-7/16" Plastics $124.73 Add

KET157-600 2-1/2"-36grit-7/16" $39.45 Add

KET157-610 2-1/2"-100T-7/16" $99.79 Add

KET157-76 3-3/8"-60T-7/16" $134.33 Add

KET157-78 3-3/8"-80T-7/16" $134.33 Add

KET157-710 3-3/8"-100T-7/16" $136.89 Add

KET157-710Z 3-3/8"-100T-7/16" Plastics $139.45 Add

KET157-713 3-3/8"-136T-7/16" $142.00 Add

KET157-86 3-1/2"-60T-7/16" $149.04 Add

KET157-88 3-1/2"-80T-7/16" $151.60 Add

KET157-800 3-1/2"-36grit-7/16" $44.78 Add

KET157-810 3-1/2"-100T-7/16" $154.16 Add

KET157-810Z 3-1/2"-100T-7/16" Plastics $336.46 Add

KET157-813 3-1/2"-136T-7/16" $298.72 Add