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Micro grain carbide tips with titanium last longer and leave a virtually burr free cut with little to no sparks or dust. They can also cut five to ten times faster and last up to 30 times longer than abrasives. Durable C-6 carbide teeth and triple chip tooth grind ensure a long cutting life in ferrous metals such as: steel studs, angle iron, pipe, rebar, channel, flat stock, conduit, etc. They can also be used to cut non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and brass. The higher tooth count blades are better suited for thinner materials, while the lower tooth count blades are better for thicker materials.
Not recommended for cutting hardened materials. Never use on saws that run above the rated MAX RPM. Proper clamping devices should be used.
Item ID Details Arbor MaxRPM Price Cart
OLDSBF-072536 7-1/4" - 36T D-5/8" 5800 RPM $19.36 Add

OLDSBF-072552 7-1/4" - 52T D-5/8" 5800 RPM $24.10 Add

OLDSBF-080048 8" - 48T D-5/8" 5800 RPM $23.71 Add

OLDSBF-100080 10" - 80T 5/8" 5200 RPM $48.20 Add

OLDSBF-120060 12" - 60T 1" 2000 RPM $58.47 Add

OLDSBF-120100 12" - 100T 1" 2000 RPM $64.79 Add

OLDSBF-140080 14" - 80T 1" 1800 RPM $71.12 Add

OLDSBF-140120 14" - 120T 1" 1800 RPM $77.44 Add