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Blade for old Crain #795 toe-kick saw
11 amp motor cuts flush to the inner wall of a toe space in a cabinet or counter to remove old underlayment. Comes with the 787, 3-3/8" carbide blade for cutting wood. Do not use the 788, 2-3/4" blade on this saw. The 789, 2-5/8" diamond blade is sold separately and is used for cutting tile or grout. The 775 saw includes a mechanism that may disengage to reduce kickback forces if the saw is abused by cutting curves or cutting backwards.
Item ID Details Price Cart
CRA775 Toe-Kick Saw Kit $379.50 Add

CRA787 3-3/8"-18T carbide tipped blade $17.24 Add

CRA789 2-5/8" diamond blade $17.30 Add