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Pad drivers have heavy polypropylene strands trimmed irregular at 3/4" length. Tufts penetrate into the pad for secure holding power. 1-1/4" thick riser is included.
Clutch plate is not included. Block diameter is generally the same size as the machine size. Please specify center hole size.
Item ID Details Price Cart
FLR782711 (1100PDS) 11" $26.77 Add

FLR782712 (1200PDS) 12" $25.95 Add

FLR782713 (1300PDS) 13" $29.27 Add

FLR782714 (1400PDS) 14" $32.60 Add

FLR782715 (1500PDS) 15" $34.60 Add

FLR782716 (1600PDS) 16" $39.26 Add

FLR782717 (1700PDS) 17" $43.25 Add

FLR782718 (1800PDS) 18" $51.30 Add

FLR782719 (1900PDS) 19" $55.77 Add

FLR782720 (2000PDS) 20" $62.46 Add