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1" Thick Green
1/4" Thin Tan
1" Thick Tan
1/4" Thin Yellow
1" Thick Red
1" Thick White
1" Thick Gorilla
1" Thick Nylon Pads
Black - Wet Strip
A very aggressive stripping pad with the ability to remove heavy buildup in record time. It is designed to be used to wet strip a floor.
Blue - Wet Spray Clean
A medium abrasive pad for spray cleaning. Will clean lightly soiled floors with spray solution. Will remove a small amount of finish and can be used to lightly scrub.
Green - Wet Scrub
A medium aggressive pad for wet scrubbing. It removes embedded soil and black marks found in heavy traffic areas.
Tan - Dry Buff
The mildly abrasive dry buffing pad for slow speed floor machines. It buffs away light soil and levels scratches for a soft luster.
1" Thick Poly Pads
Red - Wet Spray Buff
A light abrasive pad for spray buffing to a satin gloss. The fibers are more open to help keep the pad from glazing over.
White - Dry Polish
A non-abrasive dry polishing pad for slow speed machines. This pad will shine your floor to a high luster. Also used to drive orbital sander sheets.
Gorilla - Wet Spray Buff and Burnish
The original natural fiber pad made from a blend of natural fiber and polyester. This pad creates a "wet look" shine.
Item ID Diameter/Size Pad Thickness QtyPack Price Cart
FLR11-K-Black 11" 1" Thick 5 $10.63 Add

FLR12-K-Black 12" 1" Thick 5 $11.71 Add

FLR13-K-Black 13" 1" Thick 5 $13.42 Add

FLR14-K-Black 14" 1" Thick 5 $15.15 Add

FLR15-K-Black 15" 1" Thick 5 $16.62 Add

FLR16-K-Black 16" 1" Thick 5 $18.10 Add

FLR17-K-Black 17" 1" Thick 5 $19.88 Add

FLR18-K-Black 18" 1" Thick 5 $22.10 Add

FLR19-K-Black 19" 1" Thick 5 $23.77 Add

FLR20-K-Black 20" 1" Thick 5 $26.02 Add

FLRK1218-Black 12" X 18" 1" Thick 5 $23.88 Add

FLRK1224-Black 12" X 24" 1" Thick 5 $29.35 Add