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Easy-Rooter Junior
The Easy Rooter is a tough, easy to use machine. Rugged powder coated steel frame with roll bars to protect the motor. Heavy duty roller bearings in the cage for longer life and greater motor efficiency. Large zinc plated cage holds 100 feet of 3/4" or 5/8" cable. Extra long plated folding handle quickly locks in place, making it much easier to wheel to the job without sacrificing the compact size needed for easy loading in a car trunk. Rolls on 10" ball bearing wheels. 1/3 HP motor with reverse switch, safety slip clutch, waterproof air foot switch, 20' cord with GFCI, leather gloves and How-To video. Includes 1 each (SHD) spear head, (2UC) 2" U-cutter, (3HDSC) 3" heavy duty side cutter, (3HDB) 3" heavy duty saw blade, (RTR-2) large retrieving tool. Clears 3" through 10" lines.
Item ID Details Weight Price Cart
GENER-B 3/4" x 75' cable (75EM5) 168 lbs. $1698.00 Add

GENER-C 5/8" x 75' cable (75EM4) 155 lbs. $1640.00 Add

GENER-D 3/4" x 100' cable (100EM5) 193 lbs. $1889.00 Add

GENER-E 5/8" x 100' cable (100EM4) 174 lbs. $1818.00 Add