Cutting Fluids and Oils
Air Tool Oil
All Metal Cutting Fluid
Aluminum-Cutting Fluid
Band Saw Fluid Concentrate
Compressor Oil
Lubricating Stick Wax
Metal-Cutting Fluid
Thread Cutting Oil
Thread Cutting Oil
Ready to cut clean, smooth threads on all pipe materials. Extreme-pressure additive for anti-weld characteristics. Excellent protection of tools and machined parts against corrosion. Contains anti-mist component for a healthier work environment.
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REL01G-TCO14 1 gallon bottles, 4/case $71.64 Add

REL01G-TCO14-1 1 gallon bottle, 1 each $18.91 Add

REL05G-TCO14 5 gallon pail, 1 each $83.58 Add