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Ajax attempts to use the finest alloy steels available for their type products. All machining, forging and heat treating is of the highest possible standards. Caution: Chisels and other striking tools are perhaps the most widely used and probably the most often abused of all tools. Chisels and points should never be used for prying.
Item ID Type Details Price Cart
CEM5001 Spline Shank 12" x 1" narrow chisel $10.70 Add

CEM5003 Spline Shank 18" x 1" narrow chisel $13.39 Add

CEM5005 Spline Shank 12" bull point $10.70 Add

CEM5007 Spline Shank 18" bull point $13.39 Add

CEM5009 Spline Shank 12" x 2" scaling chisel $19.82 Add

CEM5011 Spline Shank 18" x 2" scaling chisel $19.86 Add

CEM5012 Spline Shank 12" x 3" scaling chisel $25.01 Add

CEM5016 Spline Shank 15.5" x 4.5" clay spade $60.70 Add

CEM5017 Spline Shank 10.5" ground rod driver $49.25 Add

CEM5018 Spline Shank 9.5" bushing tool 16 pt.
(1 pc.)
$52.57 Add

CEM5018CB Spline Shank 9.5" carbide tip bushing tool 25 pt. (1 pc.) $149.25 Add

CEM5021 Spline Shank Bushing tool shank only $9.41 Add

CEM5101 (Spline) Spline Shank Bushing tool 16 point head only $25.17 Add