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Diamond Blades - All Cut Combo
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Walk Behind Machines with 1/2" Driver Pin
Diamond Blades - Super Combo

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Super Combo, Laser-Welded Segments, Wet/Dry use. With DP hole. Supreme Grade.
Top performance for cutting all materials. Features a 15MM full size turbo segmented undercut rim. Extremely reliable and offers a very smooth cut.
Applications: Concrete, Brick, Field Stone, Refractory Brick, Pavers, Roof Tile, Ductile Iron, Green Concrete, Asphalt, Granite, Marble.
Types of Equipment: High Speed Cut-Off Saw, Low HP Walk Behind Saw up to 20HP, Masonry Saw.
Item ID Size Hgt ID/Bushing Price Cart
CSCLSTS12FH 12"x.125" 12mm 1"-20mm $93.79 Add

CSCLSTS14FH 14"x.125" 12mm 1"-20mm $108.34 Add

CSCLSTS16FH 16"x.125" 12mm 1"-20mm $142.94 Add

CSCLSTS18FH 18"x.140" 12mm 1" $181.18 Add

CSCLSTS20FH 20"x.160" 12mm 1" $247.46 Add

CSCLSTS24FH 24"x.160" 12mm 1" $360.57 Add